k9 girl - Made to order, custom pet ID tags & stuff

"Summer" Tag

Special tags for keychains, gift tags & whatever else you think adds that extra touch of love! $14

"Dotey" Tag
This precious tag brings all things full of joy & love! The OM symbol is a common sign for positive energy..   (all orders for this tag are "one of a kind" & may have slight variations to the charm.)  1 inch copper tag, sterling silver charm soldered to tag.  $15

"Zoie" Tag

Just a touch of whimsey, girly-girl to this fun charm.. Limit 5 letters on flower. 
1 1/4 inch aluminum tag with copper or aluminum flower. $14  

"Finney" Tag

Extra large tag for that big guy or girl that's looking for a little flashy fashion. All aluminum 1 1/2 inch tag. Also available in 1 1/4 inch tag. Choose aluminum or brass for name tag. $12

"Chief" Tag

Peace Love & DOGS!
For those sweet, little hippie chics & dudes in our lives.  1 inch aluminum or copper tag with dangling peace charm. $12

"Mae" Tag
This super cute, vintage inspired - oxidized copper 1 inch tag is perfect for that special girl or boy in your life.  Hand-stamped and customized with short names (less than 4 letters) $14

"Hope" Tag

Cute and sassy... Hand stamped on 1 inch aluminum tag - Charm added for extra cute factor! $12

"Lyric" Tag

Precious, Vintage inspired, hand stamped tag. 1 inch aluminum with 1/2 inch copper tag - bow soldered.  $12

"Mason" Tag

Simple and whimsical.... hand stamped on a 
1 inch aluminum or copper disk.  Name can read along the edge or whimsically in the center of the tag. $10

"Flitter" Tag

kitties love tags too!
Tiny 1/2 inch tags available with tiny charms..    $10

"Phoenix" Tag

This is the ultimate tag for k9 royalty!  Copper 1 inch tag with silver crown charm attached.  $12

"Rock Star" Tag

Glam tag for the ultimate star of your home!!! Copper 1 inch tag with star studded skull & crossbones (other studded charms available) 

"Sam" Tag

Seriously cute, sweet little tag.  Aluminum and copper - 1 inch tag with 1/2 inch aluminum name tag.. $12

"Domino" Tag
Fun, sassy tags ~ great for your artsy side kick!  1. 1/4 inch Copper tag with your choice of charm(s) $12-$16

"Rascal" Tag
Ever meet that little guy or gal that has more spunk & spaz than is good for them? We have! This 
1 1/4 inch copper tag has a paw charm soldered to it for more durability & less jingle  $12

"Shelby" Tag
Beautiful tag if you're looking for a little extra for your bestie!. 
~ Charm can be customized.. The one shown, heart with 1 inch copper tag and 1 1/4 aluminum disk $20

"We were here" tags
these tags are wonderful for remembering collections of shells from your fun beach visits…  
Prices vary based on request…. 

"Isla" tag $20

"Venice" tag $20

Lots Of Pawsabilities...

Charms: tiny hearts, om symbol, daisy, rainbow, owl, fluer de lis, skull & Crossbones, music note (small/ medium), various crosses, "A-Z" initials, rhinestone bow & cute silver bow (small/ medium). Quarter used to help represent size. 

Tags:  round & flower shapes (Copper/aluminum).  Aluminum square, & copper rectangle tags available too..

NOTE: Some charms are limited quantities. There are some variations to all tags and charms - each is a "one of kind". 

Remember - Custom orders are welcome! Also note custom orders are typically higher costs for me, therefore are generally more expensive than these in the standard photo gallery - However, totally worth the $ for the uniqueness!  :)

Gallery of Custom orders:

Second Chance Pawsabilities:
These are great tags - if they'll work for you...just let me know!

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